Nasdaq-Listed Bitcoin Miner Made New Acquisitions Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars!

Bitfarms, one of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) miners, has accelerated its preparations before the halving and ordered mining devices worth millions of dollars.

Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms 27 November In its official statement dated 2018, it was worth 95.5 million dollars. 35,888 Bitmain T21 ordered the device. Company per device $2,660 has made payment. of devices From March 2024 to May 2024 It is planned to be delivered to Bitfarms.

In addition to this acquisition, Bitfarms 28,000 Bitmain T21 devices By providing a purchase option, it made clear its plans for the future. mining company 310 MW in the first half of 2024 hashrate level with installed capacity to 12 EH/s aims to remove. Additionally, by the end of 2024, these numbers will be increased respectively. 17 EH/s And to 391 MW is expected to arrive.


Making a statement about the developments, Bitfarms CEO Geoff Morphy said: less than 6 months later will happen Bitcoin halving He emphasized the importance of these preparations for:

We built our world-class scalable infrastructure by waiting for the right time to implement a transformative equipment upgrade. We have now launched our comprehensive strategy with the most attractive equipment pricing since 2020, with a good path to 17 EH/s in the second half of 2024 and hardware secured for 21 EH/s in 2024. This strategy is expected to significantly increase efficiency along with lower unit production costs and dramatic hashrate growth, positioning us well for the upcoming halving and beyond.

cryptocurrency company matrixport, Among the Bitcoin investments that can provide the greatest return in 2024 Bitfarms (BITF) shares also included. TradigView According to the data, the company’s shares increased due to the news flow. 16.5% rising $1.15 from level for $1.24 reached.

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