Must-Read Stock Market and Finance Classics

The world of investment and finance can literally turn into a paradise for winners and a hell for losers. This being the case, it is very important for people who want to step into this world to improve themselves in the best possible way.

The books we list in this content have been in the field of investment and finance for years. most important works It is shown among and it is emphasized that people who want to improve themselves in the field of finance or who are already investing should read it.

Everyone who is interested in finance will enjoy reading it and will learn a lot while reading it. to financial classics let’s take a look.

In this work, written by Edvin Lefevre in 1923 and telling the story of a stock market investor, you witness a gripping story while also With important advice given to stock market investors you will meet.

This book, which can be read by anyone who is interested in the stock market or not, with its fluent narration, tells the story of the character named Jesse Livermore as if it were a personal development story, and will help people who are interested in the stock market. new perspectives It makes money.

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rich dad poor dad

This work, written by Robert Kiyosaki, is still must read It is considered one of the most important finance books.

Kiyosaki approaches the concept of money from an innovative and different perspective, using a simple and fluent language, and offers his readers new perspectives to achieve financial freedom.

This book opposes the view that income must be high in order to be rich, and advises families to teach their children about money. financial independence, savings and investment It gives important suggestions about

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Smart Investor

famous investor Warren Buffet’s mentor The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham, is a a classic A book that is considered to be the most important and frequently referenced by many investors.

In this immortal work, Graham explains to investors: based on reliable foundations While presenting a strategy, it teaches the basic steps to take in choosing a stock.

The basis of Warren Buffett’s investment strategy This work should definitely be in your library!

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liar's poker

This book, written by Michael Lewis, is one of Lewis’s well-known investment firms on Wall Street. The adventure of working at Salomon Brothers tells.

On the one hand, the writer tells his own story, and on the other hand, he tells the readers the American financial world at that time It takes you on a journey through the history of finance.

If you’re curious about what Wall Street is like, Liar’s Poker A work that reveals the Wall Street environment in all its nakedness It will satisfy your curiosity.

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Big Open

This work, also written by Michael Lewis It is the sequel to Liar’s Poker.

From the 2008 mortgage (housing loan) crisis This book criticizes the destruction caused by the crisis with black humor and reveals how far greedy Wall Street employees will go to make more money.

It’s all about real events and real people. This book provides valuable information about financial history. It also touches upon important points regarding the functioning of financial markets.

This work was also made into a movie with the same name. better understand financial markets It is a very important work to learn in detail about the 2008 mortgage crisis, one of the most important events in the financial world.

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Extraordinary Mass Delusion and the Madness of Crowds - The Confusion of Confusion

Two classic investment works This book, which brings together studies on financial marketstrading tricks and the effects of mass behavior in these markets tells.

This work, which consists of two parts: “Extraordinary Mass Misconceptions and the Madness of Crowds” and “Confusion of Confusion”, takes us to the events of 1834. From Tulip Mania starting from the period when tulips were bought and sold at extremely high prices, to 1720 to the South Sea balloon It takes you on a historical journey that goes back to.

Date of investment and reasons behind investors’ irrational behavior It is an important work that those who want to take a closer look should read as soon as possible.

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ordinary shares extraordinary profits

Philip A. Fisher, who is considered one of the pioneers of modern investment theory, wrote this work titled Ordinary Stocks, Extraordinary Profits, in the field of finance and investment. from immortal works is accepted.

By talking about his personal experiences in the stock market in this book, Fisher provides readers with important perspectives. The importance of long-term investment This work is considered one of the must-have works in the library of everyone who wants to improve themselves in the field of investment and finance.

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psychology of money

This work, written by Morgan Housel, an expert in behavioral economics, provides a simple and straightforward explanation. on achieving financial success gives advice.

Psychology of Money Before stepping into financial markets It is among the must-read works.

This book appeals to everyone and contains important teachings on money management and investment decisions. Anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy It is described as a must-read book.

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