Move from chip manufacturers that will endanger NVIDIA!

Nvidia in the artificial intelligence chip market 80 percent is in a leading position with its share. AI customers for their advanced chips 40 thousand dollars They may be willing to wait for months by paying the price. However, this superiority will be shaken when competitors such as Google, Intel, Meta and AMD enter the market with different chip types.

Nvidia’s edge comes from the CUDA software the company developed for its AI chips. CUDA is powerful software used to control GPUs, and it may take time for other companies to reach this level. Nvidia’s leadership in the market is also supported by the interoperability of chips and software.

In recent weeks, companies like Meta, Alphabet, and AMD have announced new or updated chips. Other companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have also made statements about their own chip products. These chips could threaten the company’s market share by targeting Nvidia’s weaknesses and exploiting the changing ecosystem.

Such a decline has never been seen!  NVIDIA suddenly lost 200 billion dollars

Such a decline has never been seen! NVIDIA suddenly lost 200 billion dollars

NVIDIA market value dropped significantly by 10 percent. The technology world was surprised by this decline.

Different types of chips may be better at various AI tasks. But mixing and changing them can be difficult for developers. Another challenge is getting different chips to work well with each other. This creates new opportunities for competition. For example, oneAPI, a startup, is one of the companies that develop software to solve this problem.

Nvidia’s dominance in the market may change as its chips are driven by software rather than hardware. As the role of software increases, so does the importance of integration between different types of chips. This could cause Nvidia’s single-handed lead to diminish.

While Nvidia is well-suited for training large AI models, other companies have begun to shift direction with different types of chips, such as language processing units (LPU). As part of this changing ecosystem, companies like Groq are developing new chips to achieve the balance between training and inference of AI models.

While Nvidia’s leadership is under threat, the company may remain strong in AI education. However, future competition will depend on the proliferation of various chip types and software innovations.

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