Moondrop smartphone is coming! It has a different feature

Moondrop MIAD 01, Android based As a smartphone, it offers two different audio jacks to music lovers. One in the device is traditional 3.5mm jackthe other is 4.4mm balanced jack There are two audio connections: This is especially true for manufacturers, high quality sound and plans to offer an ideal solution for users who want a music experience. Here are the details…

Moondrop MIAD 01, like a Digital Audio Player (DAP), may feature high-end components such as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to improve sound quality. However, much is still unknown about the device yet.

This model of Moondrop, with its dual audio jack feature, is seen as an important factor that distinguishes it from other smartphones. In terms of design, the device is a popular smartphone. OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite It is said to have similarities with .

The smartphone giant produces its latest model!  Here is the first information

The smartphone giant produces its latest model! Here is the first information

Meizu announced a while ago that it would terminate its smartphone operations. Meizu 21X has entered the development phase.

This may be because the device shares some common features, from camera placement to audio jacks. However, these similarities may have more to do with design than functionality, as the Moondrop MIAD 01 is focused on audio enthusiasts.

Moondrop MIAD 01’s price and launch date There is no definitive information about it, but the device is expected to be opened to the international market. The fact that product promotions are made in English shows that Moondrop aims to reach a global audience.

Moondrop’s, OnePlus or OPPO Collaborating with more experienced manufacturers such as can improve the software support and product quality of the device. However, concerns about software bugs and lack of updates seen in some of Moondrop’s past products remain valid.

It is possible to say that MIAD 01 has the potential to overcome such problems and become an ideal smartphone for music and audio enthusiasts. Do you think this smartphone can be a success in the market? You can write your opinions in the comments section below.

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