Million Dollar Profit Selling on the Rising Altcoin from Whale: Price Destroyed by 30 Percent!

A cryptocurrency whale took advantage of the rising price and sold it after 8 months of waiting, resulting in a 33% decrease in the price.

On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain published on Twitter in posta whale address that invested in FRONT in January increased the price the latest rise taking advantage on Binance He stated that he made sales. According to published data, the wallet address was 1.33 worth million dollars 7 million FRONT had bought it.

Seeing that FRONT has experienced a great rise in the past days, the address $0.44 at average price $3.08 million worth 7 million FRONTHe deposited to Binance.

After these operations, the whale address 1.75 Million dollars made a profit.

According to CoinGecko data, 10 days in 216% appreciating FRONT 0.162 at dollar level 0.514 It attracted attention by rising to the dollar. Subsequently, Binance’s listing in futures transactions and purchases by giant market maker DWF Labs supported the rise in price.

However, with the sale, the FRONT price increased last night (GMT +3). $0.6313 from levels more than 32% decrease living writing price $0.4291 dropped to levels.

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