Mike Novogratz Reveals $30,000 For Bitcoin, Now He Sets A New Price Target!

Galaxy Digital CEO, billionaire Mike Novogratz, suggested that the US Federal Reserve’s (FED) interest rate policies and macroeconomic structure could carry Bitcoin (BTC) to $ 40 thousand.

Mike Novogratz talks about Bitcoin in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, April 12. 40 thousand dollars addressed the factors that can Novogratz, US Federal Reserve (FED) In case of a slowdown in interest rate hikes in order to recover the economy, Bitcoin can easily be to the band of 40 thousand dollars He stressed that:

As long as the FED acts as I think, Bitcoin will advance to $40,000. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a consolidation in the $30,000 band beforehand.

On the other hand, the billionaire reminded another important point in addition to the Fed’s decision to slow interest rates. after bank failures emphasizing that the lending and receiving balances will change, to the credit crisis pointed. If this economic atmosphere continues bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), gold And Euro on long (long) He suggested that taking a directional position would be the clearest transactions.

In the event that the Fed stops raising interest rates and then interest rates decrease, the net transactions to be taken will be to long for gold, euro, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The CEO said in February that Bitcoin will remain until the end of March. reach $30,000 He said it wasn’t impossible. Novogratz’s prediction came true, albeit a few days late.

In the last 1 week according to CoinGecko data 7.5% gaining value Bitcoin, at the time of writing 30,260 traded in dollars.

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