Migros ‘Awesome Friday Week’ has started!

November sales continue at full speed. Many brands strive to attract customers and offer the best discount with their campaigns in this process. Migros, one of the companies in question, was included in this excitement with the ‘Awesome Friday Week’.

Migros ‘Awesome Friday Week’ will continue between 22-27 November!

Thousands of great discounts, with Migros Great Friday Week between 22-27 November, in Migros stores and Migros app! If you also have things you are planning to buy, if you want to make up for the deficiencies, it would be useful to prepare your shopping list and take a look at the Migros Awesome Friday Week campaign.

Within the scope of the campaign, there will be great discounts on hundreds of products where you can find almost anything you want in Migros stores and Migros application. What you need to do to follow the discounts from the company’s market application is quite simple.

  • Here Android or iOS Go to the application store and download the Migros Virtual Market application.
  • Then open the app you downloaded and give the necessary permissions
  • Log in by clicking on My Account in the lower right corner.
  • Create your profile by filling in the address and similar information and follow the opportunities by navigating within the application.

Follow Migros to do your shopping with these discounts and take advantage of many more opportunities, don’t miss the Migros Awesome Friday week!

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