Microsoft Will Build a Nuclear Reactor for Artificial Intelligence

It was revealed that Microsoft turned to nuclear energy to develop artificial intelligence technologies. The company started investments for low-cost and safe reactors. The company’s founder and former CEO, Bill Gates, has been advocating this technology for years.

“It is a natural consequence of global warming”clean energyThe quest for ” has become one of the priorities of technology companies. In this context, the carbon neutral targets of technology giants have been frequently on the agenda lately. Now, we will talk about the latest move of the US-based technology giant Microsoft on the subject. Microsoft’s search for clean energy, will face reaction from environmentalists looks like.

The job list created by a senior manager of Microsoft has emerged. This list is for the company to nuclear energy is heading towards and shows that it is rolling up its sleeves for new generation nuclear energy reactors. The company even produces advanced reactors to invest also started. Additionally, Microsoft has hired a person who will manage the company’s nuclear energy efforts. According to the information revealed by the leaked documents, what Microsoft is aiming for is: low cost and environmentally friendly reactors. Microsoft also wants these reactors to be modular.

What is Microsoft doing that would need nuclear power?

The reason Microsoft is turning to nuclear energy is artificial intelligence. Technology companies to develop artificial intelligence-focused technologies giant data centers with supercomputers they use and the operation of these devices results in huge amounts of electricity consumption. Although the general approach is to use solar energy, Microsoft uses nuclear energy much more efficient He seems to believe he can conduct a study. Meanwhile; co-founder of the company Bill GatesWe should also point out that has been emphasizing nuclear energy for years.


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The future of AI may indeed lie in nuclear energy. So why?

Nuclear energy has so far caused more with disasters became the agenda. Yes, we are talking about events like Chernobyl and Fukushima. However, nuclear energy provides great advantages when used correctly. Moreover, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere during nuclear energy production. It isn’t happening. From here we can conclude that what we call “clean energy” is actually nuclear energy. Of course, all this does not mean that we will ignore risks and mistakes…

What happened in the past and what was used in nuclear energy production uranium The sensitive supply chain that needs to be created for this technology has led to a stay away from this technology until now. In fact, making the necessary investment can minimize the risks of nuclear energy, which Microsoft can make possible with its billion-dollar investments.

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