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It is now very easy to be informed about your chats and meetings. Because Microsoft Teams is coming to market with its new strengthened look for both Windows and Mac. It has completed all its preparations, taking into account the wishes and complaints of the users. It will also enable a smarter and better working environment. The new Microsoft Teams will usher in a brand new era. With the new update, the application promises 2 times the speed with half the RAM. Here are the details…

Microsoft Teams will offer many opportunities to users with its brand new look!

The company will start a new trend with a brand new work and an upgraded version of its video conferencing and chat platform. Microsoft Teams will run up to 2 times faster thanks to improvements. It will also consume less disk space and less memory than Classic Teams.

The new Teams has a more flexible and simpler design than its classic version. Thus, the new application will offer better support for third-party applications. This allows meetings to be started or joined much faster.

A spooky facial recognition tool is coming to Microsoft Teams

A spooky facial recognition tool is coming to Microsoft Teams

In Teams, you can now detect exactly who is in the room during your workplace meetings and calls. Here are the details…

The company announced the news as follows: “Our goal was to redesign Teams from the ground up to deliver a faster, simpler, smarter and more flexible app that will help you stay productive and collaborate more effectively. “To ensure the new Teams meets the evolving needs of your organization, we are focused on delivering high-quality performance and improving the foundations in areas such as reliability, security and IT management.”

The company has also improved keyboard shortcuts. In this way, the application will allow users to navigate through list items such as activity stream and chat topics. Finally, the “mark all as read” feature is coming, as well as the “mark all as read” feature in events.

It looks like Copilot has also appeared along with the new Microsoft Teams. The artificial intelligence assistant named Copilot will be your helper. He will work with you to help you tackle your tasks. Copilot will analyze chats and calls. This way you can get brief summaries of all the important points and decisions. You can also share them on Teams later if you wish.

Additionally, Copilot will review your documents, presentations, and emails using Microsoft Graph. In this way, it will quickly bring you all the information you need, such as calendar invitations, notes and contacts. An upgrade opportunity will be available for classic Teams users in the next few months.

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