Microsoft Created Artificial Intelligence Access Policies

Microsoft created a “framework” to get rid of its monopoly image in the artificial intelligence industry. This framework, called “Artificial Intelligence Access Policies”, includes some of Microsoft’s commitments.

Between Microsoft and OpenAI, two leading names in the artificial intelligence industry a deep bond is available. Microsoft invested billions of dollars in OpenAI a few years ago. This investment changed the technology world’s view of Microsoft. The general opinion in the industry is that Microsoft’s OpenAI investment will lead to a change in the artificial intelligence industry. monopolized towards.

Now, a remarkable move has come from Microsoft regarding this. Company, “Artificial Intelligence Access Policiesa ” which he calls “framework” created. This framework supports Microsoft’s AI data center infrastructure and other AI technologies. How does it operate? tells. What Microsoft will do in the future will also be around this framework.

What commitments did Microsoft make?

When we look at Microsoft’s artificial intelligence principles, the company has a from app store We see you talking about it. This store will allow users to access different artificial intelligence models and tools. On the other hand; A customer who is already using an AI model or tool can do so if they wish. can change. In addition, Microsoft made a statement that it will not use its customers’ data to train artificial intelligence. Promise. Microsoft will show that it allows competition in the market with the principles it has established.


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However, at this point there is an issue that should not go unnoticed. Microsoft has a policy for the policies it creates. follow-up did not create the mechanism. So no one will know whether these principles are followed or not. In fact, we are not even sure that Microsoft has such a goal. The company will likely use these principles as leverage if its $13 billion investment in OpenAI gets caught up in regulators, and at least works to ensure competition will claim.

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