Meta to Open Language Model for Commercial Use

According to information shared by The Financial Times, Meta is preparing to open its language model LLaMA, which it announced in February 2023, for commercial use.

After OpenAI’s chat bot ChatGPT, which was released in November 2022, all technology giants accelerated their work on artificial intelligence. One of these companies was Meta, whose name was Facebook before June 2022.

Meta just 3 months after ChatGPT release own language model LLaMA had announced. However, this model was only available to scientists and researchers for scientific studies. Today, there is still a lot of talk about Meta. big claims was put forth.

Meta will release a commercial version of the language model:

According to the news shared by The Financial Times, Meta will soon launch the artificial intelligence model. It will also release a commercial version. This version will allow startups and companies to integrate customized AI technologies into their own.

In other words, Meta will now compete head-to-head with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company has not yet confirmed or denied the claim. No information was shared about when the commercial artificial intelligence will be released.

Likewise, the details of whether this artificial intelligence will only be open to business partnerships or whether it can be used by everyone like ChatGPT is also unknown. But if Meta wants to compete with ChatGPT not only in revenue but also in awareness second option it will make more sense.

Meta announced MusicGen, which can generate music from text, not just LLaMA:


Meta Announces ‘MusicGen’ Artificial Intelligence Model That Can Produce Music From Text

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