Meizu 21 Note is Coming: Here is the First Information

It has been revealed that Chinese technology company Meizu is working on a new smartphone. The smartphone, which will be called “Meizu 21 Note”, will be at the flagship level.

It has managed to attract the attention of consumers with the smartphones it has launched in recent years. Meizu, has remained silent for several months. It turned out that the company, which announced that it would withdraw from the industry, will now return to the smartphone arena. According to information from China, the company said, “Meizu 21 NoteIt is getting ready to appear with a smartphone called “.

The phone, detected in China’s certification system, has two versions: “M468Q” and “M468H”. model number It has appeared before us. From the information obtained, this smartphone is a price-performance focused product. flagship We can understand that it will be launched as.

So what features will Meizu 21 Note have?

*Meizu 21.

According to information obtained, Meizu 21 Note is owned by Qualcomm. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 It will get power from its processor. Also offering 66W fast charging support on this smartphone 5,500mAh There will be a battery with high capacity.


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Information revealed about Meizu 21 Note that’s all for now. The phone’s appearance in China’s certification system means that this device in the near future It shows that it can launch. Let’s see what kind of smartphone the company will come up with after remaining silent for months…

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