Mass Cryptocurrency Lawsuit Against Apple: Conspiring to Block It!

Technology giant Apple was sued for allegedly acting anti-competitively in the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system on iOS.

According to the news provided by Reuters, users acted against Apple’s competition rules and peer to peer payment options that it limits and the company, claiming that it prevents cryptocurrency payment options on iOS. class action lawsuit opened.

In the lawsuit filed in the California District Court on November 17, Apple PayPal’s Venmo And Block’s Cash App opposite competitive And decentralized It was emphasized that it prevented the use of cryptocurrency technology.

Submitted to the court by the plaintiffs’ lawyers In 58 page file The following statements were made:

These agreements prevent the inclusion of decentralized cryptocurrency technology in existing or new iOS Peer-to-Peer Payments (P2P) applications. As a result, market competition and the resulting price competition are limited throughout the market.

on Apple’s App Store with a monopolistic approach While it is argued that it operates, the users of this non-competitive structure exaggerated transaction fees It was stated that he was forced to pay.

Claimants seeking compensation for the inflated fees paid in the process so far have filed a lawsuit against the App Store in different ways. P2P payment applications He also put pressure on integration.

Plaintiffs also claimed that Apple with control-based constraints He tried to keep the system in his hands, but this situation The growth of the cryptocurrency industry in front a clear obstacle said that.

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