Mark Yusko gave the good news for Bitcoin: “Parabolic Explosion Peak is Coming”, Here are the Critical Dates!

Mark Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek Capital, as hundreds of billions of dollars worth of institutional capital begins to flow Bitcoin He says that a parabolic rise is on the horizon for (BTC).

In a new interview with Paul Barron Network, Yusko says the king crypto tends to add a zero to its price after the halving.

BTC’s halving cycle occurs every four years when Bitcoin miners’ rewards are halved. The next halving will occur in April 2024.

The top crypto asset by market cap could see a 1.5x increase from its all-time high, according to the hedge fund manager.

So long story short, each halving added a zero (to fair value), so we went from $100 to $1,000, then we went from $1,000 to $10,000, now we’re going from $10,000 to $100,000.

So the fair value is $100,000 and we’re trading at $26,000. A very rapid increase compared to fair value. Investors buy things that are below fair value but then what happens, in the fall after the halving, you get this parabolic boom peak. In the previous cycle, fair value was around $30,000.

We went up to $69,000. That was because there was too much leverage, too much gambling and (speculation). I don’t think we will double or 2.5 times this time. This time we can increase it 1.5 times.

According to Yusko, Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) should be approved by the end of 2023 or early 2024, which would pave the way for a “massive capital infusion.”

Yusko says he believes $300 billion worth of capital could flow into BTC once a spot-based ETF is approved. The Morgan Creek Capital manager notes that the expected capital inflow could skyrocket BTC’s price, given that most of Bitcoin’s supply is either dormant or in the hands of long-term holders.

$300 million in free circulation of $100 million, the price goes up a lot.

BTC is trading at $26,567 at the time of writing. This means a slight increase during the day.

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