Life of Hideo Kojima, Producer of Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in the gaming industry. Kojima, who is one of the names that is frequently on the agenda with his games and we are sure that he will be, has a very extraordinary story, as every genius does.

Metal Gear Solid Series, Silent Hill P.T. And Death Stranding Kojima’s contributions to the gaming world are an inevitable fact, as he is the creator of productions that have made a big impact in the gaming world, such as. Play your games like one movie edasyila and today in the gaming world legendary It has become a noun.

Kojima, who sometimes experiences sensational events and is the subject of attention with his mysterious tweets, has a life story that many people do not know.

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that Kojima’s passion for cinema goes back a long way.

A frame from the Death Stranding game.

Born in Tokyo in 1963, Kojima has been classic movies grew up watching. The movie nights he had with his family were one of the things that expanded Kojima’s imagination. When he turned 10, his life turning point Something that can be said happened.

His family arranged a meeting so that Kojima could go to the movies alone. “movie report” obliged to write. This experience triggered his desire to tell his own stories, and film director He had ignited the first sparks of his goal of becoming a

But unfortunately at a very young age lost his father and life left him with a deep sense of loneliness. He was so lonely that he had to struggle to overcome this situation in his childhood. He always turns on the TV he said.

Bonus information: He says that even at his age, he turns on the television to avoid being alone.

After his father’s death, his mother had to work and she became even more lonely.

Hideo Kojima, childhood

In this process cinema He became his greatest friend. Even though his life was full of difficulties, the creative fire within him never went out; On the contrary, he held on to this dream even more. With his friends, he found with an 8mm camera He tried to make zombie movies. However, a career in cinema was almost impossible in Japan at that time.

Due to these impossibilities, he had to study in a field that he had no interest in. at university economics education Even though he received his education, he never stopped writing stories in his spare time. He sent the stories he wrote to magazines, but none of them not published.

Kojima, who said that if he could not enter the cinema industry, then he would create stories in the game industry, even entered the game industry because of movies.

Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)

When I was in my 4th year at university Famicom Kojima, who met Kojima, was so impressed by a game he played that he decided to become a game designer. the game he played Shigeru Miyamoto that he created It was Super Mario Bros.. He still refers to Super Mario Bros. as the Big Bang of gaming.

In fact, this sector was not far from what Kojima wanted. Because after all, he would be able to design a universe and execute his dream job in a different medium. his mother, Kojima’s response to this decision your support He never missed it.

Penguin Adventure (1986)

At that time, it was the only game company that made a name for itself, at a time when gaming professional terms were not even established or even existed. to Konami applied. Kojima, who actually wanted to develop the Famicom and make arcade games, was hired by Konami. to MSX unit He was appointed as designer and planning manager.

Although he has almost no technical knowledge; Being determined, consistent and hard-working attracted the attention of Konami officials and they demonstrated this stability. “Penguin Adventure” He was instrumental in being appointed as assistant director of the play. This play in which he took part did not make much noise, but the play role play And alternative endings It had innovative features such as.

Kojima, who attracted more attention from Konami after the features he added to his game, had the opportunity to make his own game, but this project was rejected by Konami.

Lost Ward, gaming magazine

According to what is known, this action-oriented game is Titanic It featured a story told through the eyes of a female character on her ship called “The Masked Warrior”. This project, called “Lost Warld”, could not be realized because it was too complex for MSX.

After this incident, Kojima even became the subject of ridicule by his colleagues and he was in a really big trouble. disappointment lived. This unfinished legend still lives on as a dream echoing in the hearts of many players.

Metal Gear (1987)

At a time when action games were popular, Konami was also working on a military-themed action game project, but the project had technical difficulties. of the game action oriented structure, against the technology of that period insufficient was staying. Kojima’s takeover of a project that seemed challenging at the beginning has changed his gaming journey. turning point happened.

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape He tried to escape by hiding from the Nazis. Influenced by the scene, he created Metal Gear. This game not only fascinated players with action but also became the pioneer of stealth games by offering a different experience.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990)

Kojima, who normally had no idea that this series would continue, train journey During the game, he learned from his colleague that the game was under production. Isn’t that funny? You start a game and they do business secretly from you, so to speak.

Kojima, who we thought was very ambitious during the train journey, drafted the game And the first thing he did after the trip was to go to Konami. After receiving approval from Konami, the second series of Metal Gear will be released. Solid Snake This is how he started doing it.

Kojima, who achieved great success after Metal Gear 2, directly took the name of the series by making a 3rd sequel. Metal Gear Solid planned as. The reason for this is quite logical in our opinion; Kojima, acting with the thought of why would people choose to play the 3rd game without playing the first 2 games, made such a radical decision got it.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Storytelling that is as good as movies, for the first time 3-dimensional It became one of the most successful productions in the gaming world with its introduction of gameplay, use of voice actors and prominent stealth elements. So if you ask any actor about Hideo Kojima: “He is a legend” There is a very high probability that you will get the answer.

After such a successful production, other game companies, which were very influenced by Kojima, literally disrupted the market by releasing such games. to rear up caused. After that, the sequels of the series never slowed down in terms of success and became popular in the industry. every year continued to make noise.

After all these successful games, unfortunately his relationship with Konami did not go well.

Konami, Hideo Kojima

Kojima made efforts to bring new games to the Metal Gear Solid series and rose to the top of the company. However, its relationship with Konami became even more strained with the increase in costs of development tools and projects. Del Toro cooperation with, Silent Hill PT began his path to creation, and Kojima has shown interest in the film industry as well as his games.

Konami’s to mobile games He came to the point of separation when he realized that his artistic works could not be the focus of the company. This tension stemmed from Kojima’s decision to leave the company following the cancellation of the Silent Hill project and the completion of Metal Gear Solid V. It ended with him being fired.

After leaving Konami, Kojima founded his own studio, Kojima Productions.

Kojima Productions

Under this studio he created Death Stranding. The game had a structure that encouraged players to help each other rather than compete. Hollywood stars; Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux It attracted great attention with the participation of names such as and its mysterious structure.

Norman ReedusHideo KojimaDeath Stranding

However, the game’s release caused mixed reviews. Some of the game unique mechanics and while they appreciated its fine details, some had difficulty understanding the basic structure and story of the game. Despite this, an enhanced Director’s Cut version was released for PlayStation 5 following its port to PC in 2020.


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It is unknown when he will release Death Stranding 2, but the future of the movie of the series was announced by Kojima. Even though he is in his 60s, it is a great blessing for the player base that he still devotes himself to this industry and can contribute. We hope that he will direct the Death Stranding movie.

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