Last Minute: Coinbase Adds Two New Altcoins To Its Roadmap To List, There Is A Price Jump!

The world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency One of the exchanges, Coinbase, announced that it has added two new altcoins to its roadmap for listing.

These two tokens are part of the VeChain ecosystem. VeChain (VET) And VeThor (VTHO).

Chart showing the rise in VET price after listing.

VeChain is a blockchain platform that aims to provide a secure and transparent way to monitor and manage various products and services in different industries. VeChain uses a dual token system where VET is the native currency used for transactions and management and VTHO is the energy token generated by holding VET and used to pay network fees.

Chart showing the rise in VTHO price following the Coinbase news.

The Coinbase roadmap is a blog post that the exchange uses to let you know when it makes a decision to list an asset. It is an effort to increase transparency and reduce insider trading by providing as much information integrity as possible. The roadmap also outlines the process Coinbase follows to evaluate and review new coins before adding them to its platform.

Coinbase regularly updates its roadmap and announces it on its official Twitter account. The roadmap does not include all the assets Coinbase decides to list, nor does it guarantee that an asset will be listed.

*Not investment advice.

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