Laschet at the CSU party congress: He lured with the Söder bait – domestic politics

Cheering reception for Laschet at the CSU party conference in Nuremberg!

The Union’s candidate for chancellor spoke today to the Bavarian Union delegates who yesterday confirmed their boss Markus Söder (54) with an overwhelming majority. When Laschet and Söder took the stage, the delegates clapped for minutes. The mood: euphoric!

Söder welcomed Laschet (“dear Armin”) to thunderous applause, but he couldn’t resist a point against him: “I don’t know whether you will be greeted so euphorically everywhere …”

Laschet didn’t show anything. “It’s a special moment,” he flattered the audience. As CDU leader, he has never been a guest at a CSU party congress.

Are very friendly to each other here: Söder (left) and Laschet Photo: EPA

Söder bait for the delegates

Then Laschet threw Söder – against whom he had prevailed in order to become chancellor candidate – demonstratively nice words. Laschet: “Great result for a great party chairman. If we win the election, both of us in the coalition committee will shape the country in Germany for the next few years! ”

The message: Dear CSU delegates, if you want a strong Söder in Berlin, I’ll make sure that you get it. The Söder bait!

The Prime Minister also flattered: “We in North Rhine-Westphalia have been in opposition for 50 years and have looked enviously at the CSU.”

Laschet continues: “I lived in Bavaria for a few years, studied in Munich, and I always appreciated this independence in Bavaria, which the CSU embodies like no other party.” Because: “We don’t want centralism, we want independent countries. And there is only one party that can strongly represent Bavaria in Berlin, that is the CSU, and that is why we need them strongly in the next government. ”

Then Laschet talked for a long time about the fact that the upcoming federal election (September 26th) will be about a directional decision. The SPD and the Greens would ruin industry and agriculture, he wouldn’t.

Clear criticism of Olaf Scholz (SPD)

Armin Laschet warned of long-term economic damage in the wake of the pandemic if the wrong political decisions were to be made after the election. Now it is important not to endanger the delicate plant growth, said Laschet. “What the SPD, the Greens and the Left are planning is exactly the opposite. Tax increases and more bureaucracy will endanger this prosperity. ”

Then he expressed clear criticism of his SPD rival Olaf Scholz (63). As finance minister, he only managed so well because Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) was watching over him.

Then Laschet quoted CSU superfather Franz Josef Strauss († 73): “To err is human, always to err is social democratic.” Because: “When there was a crisis, social democrats always thought: We have to incur debts, increase taxes and human beings as much as possible make a lot of rules. “

Laschet’s speech was well received: At the end there was standing applause for more than two and a half minutes, Söder and other CSU leaders also stood next to him on the stage and clapped vigorously.