It’s not a dream anymore: iPhones won’t need an unbreakable screen!

Apple over the years iPhone working to make its models even more robust. According to the news today, the company is taking this claim one step further. Allegedly, Apple’s latest iPhone models will be available without a shatterproof screen in the coming years. So, How will it be? Here are the details!

Apple received a patent that does not require an unbreakable screen!

Taking its quality one step further every year, Apple is on the agenda with a new issue. The company’s latest iPhones are among the best phones on the market in terms of durability. Despite this, users have both protector both the cover unbreakable screen don’t forget to use it.

But claims emerging today suggest that preservatives will no longer be needed. Allegedly, Apple has developed a new device that can replace the next generations of the best iPhones. super durable for iPhone case patent took.

Awesome innovation from Apple: iPhones will take 3D photos!

Awesome innovation from Apple: iPhones will take 3D photos!

Being sensitive about the camera, Apple has created its long-term plans. Accordingly, iPhones will have lenses that take 3D photos.

Spatial Composites titled patent will better protect your iPhone from scuffs, scratches and scrapes. In addition, the patent explains the disadvantage of solutions for anti-wear in mobile devices. For example, metal housing materials are strong but have little scratch or abrasion resistance.

Accordingly, Apple is working on a new iPhone material with suitable electromagnetic properties and superior scratch resistance. However, it is not possible to see this feature on new iPhones anytime soon.

It's not a dream anymore, there will be no need for an unbreakable screen on iPhones!

In general, patent applications represent the earliest stage in the development of an idea. However, rumors suggest that Apple is prioritizing durability for the upcoming iPhone 15 series. It is also stated that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be coated with titanium, which is typically stronger and lighter than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So, what do you think about the iPhone unbreakable screen patent? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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