It is growing silently! Here are Threads and Twitter rival Bluesky

With the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, many companies and social media platforms started working on rival Twitter platforms. Perhaps the most talked about platform among these was Threads, but another application is also growing quietly. Here are the details about the Twitter rival application Bluesky and the current number of users…

Twitter’s silent rival Bluesky exceeded 2 million users!

As you may remember, towards the end of 2022, many news about Elon Musk and Twitter negotiations were on the agenda. The crazy billionaire wanted to add a social media leg to his career filled with rockets, electric cars and strange marketing products (the Boring Company flamethrower). He made a record offer for Twitter. However, competitors also started working. The foundations of Bluesky and Threads have begun to be laid.

Elon Musk, who purchased the Twitter platform for 44 billion dollars, became the boss of the platform and started his work. “Were these studies successful?” It is difficult to answer the question because the current value of the platform has been determined by experts as 8 billion dollars. The $36 billion drop in the stock market bothered Musk a lot.

Steam made the legendary game free for a short time!

Steam made the legendary game free for a short time!

Half-Life is free on Steam. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the game, Valve also introduced a new update to the game.

Besides these, there are also innovations it brought to Twitter. Paid subscriptions, changes in platform rules, and changes made directly to the name of the platform led to “voices of rebellion” from most of the users. Taking advantage of this, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg became competitors to the platform.

Meta opened with a bang. However, the platform’s popularity has gradually decreased and it currently serves 8 million daily active users. In addition, Bluesky, founded by former CEO Jack Dorsey, is quietly growing on its invitation-only registration platform. The current number of users of the platform exceeds 2 million. This is a really low number when you compare it with the user numbers of other platforms, but it is obvious that there is a regular increase.

In addition, although the fact that the platform only accepts new members by invitation makes things difficult, there is a steady increase in the number of users. So what do you think about Bluesky? Don’t forget to express your opinions in the comments section…

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