It Even Made a Date! Bitcoin and Ripple Forecasts From 2 Analysts

Alex Mashinsky, co-founder and CEO of blockchain platform Celsius Network, says Bitcoin (BTC) could set a new record this year if one condition is met. Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong from Bitboy Crypto claims that Ripple (XRP) has taken over the banks with its latest developments and is ready for another price explosion. compiled for our readers.

“We will see new highs in BTC”

Alex Mashinsky is a Yahoo! In his finance interview, he says that if new buyers inject enough volume into the market, Bitcoin (BTC) could break above a key resistance zone in 2021, setting a new record. Celsius CEO comments:

If we have enough volume from new buyers, we should go back and retest the $53,000 to $55,000 level. If we surpass that, we will see new highs this year.

Leader still trusts cryptocurrency

Alex Mashinsky still believes that Bitcoin could reach a price of at least $140,000 in the coming months, despite the currency’s momentary drop from around $53,000 to below $43,000 earlier this week.

I still maintain my predictions that we will reach the levels of 140,000 to 160,000 dollars. It could take us to the first quarter of next year due to this kind of sudden crash and cleanup we see in Chinese miners. But it’s definitely getting higher.


Celsius CEO states that Bitcoin adoption is accelerating exponentially around the world, which is a bullish sign for the price of the leading cryptocurrency:

It took 12 years to get the first 100 million users into Bitcoin. It took five months to double that. So now there are over 200 million users worldwide who own Bitcoin, with accounts. So it’s definitely accelerating. We see the hockey stick, and more demand means higher prices.

Ripple goes on the offensive against the SEC

Ben Armstrong of Bitboy Crypto says that XRP has taken over the banks with its latest developments and is ready for another price explosion. According to Trades, Ripple (XRP) heated up the SEC last week with a “sneaky counter-fist,” a move that forced its employees to disclose information about crypto assets, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. The famous analyst makes the following comment:

Why such a lethal move? Because it is illegal for anyone in the SEC to trade securities. This would be an obvious example of insider trading. So if the SEC believes XRP is a security, it should absolutely say no to any insider dealing with XRP.


Ben Armstrong says SEC personnel are allowed to trade until and after March 9, 2019. However, the SEC refused to provide any information and even counter-sued, saying it was irrelevant. Later, the SEC began to say that employees’ business activities were collected by an ethics consultant, so providing sensitive data would be a breach of their privacy.

Ben Armstrong: The Ripple army knows what they’re investing in!

Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong says that Ripple and XRP were created as a global payment layer that allows lightning-fast, seamless and unlimited payments from legacy funds. Regarding the lawsuit, the analyst suggests that Ripple (XRP) should see some face-melting movements.


As of now, XRP has returned to the support and resistance area that has occurred throughout the year. Ben Armstrong makes these assertive statements:

The Ripple (XRP) army knows exactly what they are investing in and why they are so optimistic about the long-term potential. Because while the legal battle is dominating the headlines, they know that Ripple is making serious progress behind the scenes.

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