iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 release date leaked

expected to be realized in just a few months Apple fall launch New information has emerged about iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 Apple, which is preparing to announce the last products of the year, may have started recording the event video.

iPhone 14 release date could be first week of September

According to a new report by Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, Apple has started working on its autumn event. The giant, which has been carrying out its activities virtually for two years due to the pandemic, wants to make a pre-prepared launch this year as well. iPhone 14 launch live It won’t happen, even Apple has already started shooting.

However, this launch does not seem to be the last Apple event of the year. The alleged tech giant iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 in September models; iPad and Mac in October will present their device. In other words, there will be two separate events in September and October.

New claim about iPhone 14 production site!

New claim about iPhone 14 production site!

A leading analyst has made claims about the iPhone 14 production. According to the analyst, the iPhone 14 will be produced simultaneously in India and China.

Formerly Max Weinbach, iPhone 14 on September 6 will be announced and On sale September 16 He claimed he would. With Mark Gurman’s latest report, the probability of the event date being earlier than expected seems to have increased.

Apple, which put the iPhone 13 series on sale with prices starting from $ 799, did not raise the price. iPhone 14 series again from $799 will present. The reason for this is the stagnation and decrease in demand in the global mobile phone market.

So, what do you think about the iPhone 14 release date? Do you think there is a possibility that Apple will hold two separate events? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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