Investors in the Popular Altcoin Missed the Airdrop: 56 Million Dollars Now Belongs to the Treasury!

Arbitrum Foundation withdrew approximately 56 million dollars of ARB to the treasury, belonging to users who were entitled to the airdrop in March but did not withdraw these rights to their wallets.

Arbitrum treasury reserved for airdrop distribution 56 million dollars He put it in his safe. According to the data provided by the on-chain data provider Arbiscan, users who were entitled to the airdrop completed last March, but did not withdraw these rights to their personal wallets, had approximately $56.5 million worth 69 million 448 thousand ARBsent back to “Arbitrum Foundation: DAO”.

The deadline to request airdrop tokens is after the first distributions begin. 6 months that is, later 24 SeptemberIt was equivalent to . in August decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) In the voting held by, unclaimed tokens instead of being locked away forever It was decided to transfer it to the Arbitrum treasury.

Unclaimed airdrop tokens ARB according to data 0.69% of the total supply created. Dune Analytics data from eligible users 93% of He revealed that they demanded their tokens and withdrew them into their wallets. ARB airdrop in total More than 42 million tokens to 23,000 unique users It ended up being distributed.

Currently in the DAO treasury, $2.92 billion worth 3.59 billion ARB is available.

On the other hand, Arbitrum’s competitor, Optimism (OP), which is a layer-2 solution, had recently sent millions of OPs to the accounts of users who were eligible for the airdrop but did not request it.

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