Internet Cafe Music of the 2000s

Those music that is constantly played everywhere we go, in internet cafes, television programs, radios and vehicles, and which is engraved in our memory and left its mark on the 2000s…

You’ve heard most of this music in one way or another at some point in your life. Maybe you listened to it many times on purpose, maybe you were exposed because it was played around. But what is certain is This music transports you to the past.

childhood or youth 2000-2009 years We have compiled for you the music that is known by heart by those who live among the people and those who have experienced the internet cafe culture.

Music that can be found by typing “dıt dit ditti dittıi”: Héctor – Rumba

In the history of this event very few examples I think. Indeed, you can find this music when you write “dıt dit dıttı dıttı”. That’s the kind of music!

One of the last sounds played in the car: Speedy – Sientelo

this music your clip maybe you are watching for the first time right now. Because most people noticed the clip too late.

Music that once taught people German: Conversation – Sie Liegt In Meinen Armen

If our language turns to a few words in German, it is thanks to music. But Looking at the meaning of the words extra people.

It is impossible to forget: Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Old music really has a different appeal. good old days…

The moment you open it, you return to your childhood: Kim Kay – Li La Li

The power of music should not be underestimated. At the first sound you hear that makes you get lost in your memories It’s very hard to find anything else.

“Shagaron! Shagaron!”: Andy Val Gourmet – Chacarron

we didn’t understand anything but we were still listening.

Indispensable for internet cafes: Shamur – Let The Music Play

Internet cafes and weddings that music we hear all the time. But it’s really beautiful.

No, I’m not crying. Memories caught my eye: Katy Garbi and Mokka – Esena Mono

Summer season, beach, beach volleyball… These appear before my eyes.

You must not have known this music with its Turkish adaptation: Panjabi MC – Mundian to Bach Ke

It was indispensable for television and entertainment programs. At a glance, it seems indian music found a place in our culture.

Windows Movie Maker and modified cars: Speedy – Vamos Alla

For modified vehicles I never had any interest in it, but even I got used to it.

This music has no age: 009 Sound System – Dreamscape

This music is usually in slide shows or used in collage videos.

“Papi papi, papi chulo!”: Lorna – Papi Chulo Te Traigo El Mmm

When we interpret it in terms of music art Even if it’s a part of the class Is it etched in our memories, yes. Can we say we achieved our goal?

Introduced a generation to the rap genre: 50 Cent – In Da Club

Most of the people foreign rap music probably recognized by this piece.

That music that has been blaring on the beaches for years: Shantel – Disco Partizani

Those who go to the resorts It must be a piece of music he knows by heart.

It was a summer must-have: Kat DeLuna – Whine Up

in stores We memorized this music while walking on the road because it was played all the time.

Apache national anthem and Red Crescent flyover: Waveshock – Shake Me Down

Kizilay overpass the piece that accompanies that dance show. That’s all I’m going to say.

It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t add “Numa numa!” to the list: O-Zone – DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI

This music It’s like refreshing one’s soul. I am feeling.

Let’s finish the list with a piece of music from us: Dj Kantik – Miss Belalım

“The first known DJ of our country” Is it wrong to say? I’m curious about your comments on the subject!


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