Intel and Microsoft Sign Agreement for Chip Production

A new $15 billion agreement was signed between Microsoft and Intel. Intel will produce chips for Microsoft under this agreement. Microsoft will design the chips that Intel will produce.

A new agreement was signed between two leading names in the technology world, Microsoft and Intel. 15 billion dollars The agreement, which reached a huge amount, includes Intel producing special chips for Microsoft. Microsoft or Intel have not yet announced what these chips will be used for. However, according to Bloomberg’s claim, Microsoft, processor and artificial intelligence accelerator He was working on chips to be used for this purpose.

There is a noteworthy issue in the agreement between Microsoft and Intel. The design of the chips to be produced for Microsoft is personally Made by Microsoft. Intel will only be a producer of ready-made orders. According to the information obtained, Intel will use the new production architecture called 18A for Microsoft’s special chips. This is an important detail because Intel 18A process The first major company to use it will be Microsoft.

“We will fundamentally change productivity”

Making statements on the subject Microsoft CEO Satya NadellaWe are in the midst of a very exciting platform shift that will fundamentally transform productivity for every organization and entire industry.” he said. Satya Nadella’s statement helps us understand that this transformation is based on artificial intelligence, but it will take a while to see what will change in our lives as end users. we have to wait will need.


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Meanwhile; Our hardcore followers know that Intel is not doing as well as it used to. The company competes with AMD that you lost He even explained it himself. The new agreement will also provide an advantage to Intel in terms of directly producing Microsoft’s designs. Because the company production cost fallen will be. Producing designs belonging to another company is also preferred by companies such as Qualcomm and TSMC, thus profitability is increased. Let’s see if Intel can return to its good old days with this agreement…

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