Insurance Review For Bitcoin From Famous Millionaire Robert Kiyosaki: Buy It!

Famous millionaire Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, said that Bitcoin (BTC) is the best insurance against corruption and incompetence.

Robert Kiyosaki May 19th Posted on his official social media account on in the shipmentgovernment, recently monetary policy about the results speculations commented. In his post Buy Bitcoin, gold and silver said the famous billionaire, best against corruption and incompetence. of insurance He said they still exist.

current leaders degenerate and monetary policies unworthy with cadres was arranged Kiyosaki, who hints that this to negativity against investors themselves must protect drew attention. Statements of the famous millionaire, in the economy a sudden recession interpreted as waiting.

Many times in the past, investors Bitcoin, gold And silver Kiyosaki, who advised them to take unlimited supply to investment instruments does not trust was reminded.

According to Coinecko data, the latest 30 days in 6.8% depreciating bitcoin, end 24 hours in 0.2% rise by living writing $26,894 traded at the level.

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