Institutional Demand for Bitcoin Is Increasingly: It Reached a 19-Month Peak!

Institutional investors’ Bitcoin holdings reached their highest level since July 2022.

On-chain analysis platform CryptoQuant data transferred by, increasing demand from institutional investors revealed. In your hand Between 1,000 and 10,000 Bitcoins The number of assets in wallets holding Highest level since July 2022He saw.

Mostly long term investors The increase in this range representing a clear bull market indicator It was interpreted as. In the past bull cycles, increases in the amount of Bitcoin of corporate whales Among the factors that move the price upwards are had taken place.

These investors generally for more than 6 months They tend to hold and generally do not sell even if the price falls below their buy points.

At the level in July 2022, the whales in question sold and the Bitcoin price dropped significantly as market conditions remained negative. The amount of Bitcoin held by corporates, It reached its peak in June 2021 And just a few months later, the price of Bitcoin had also started to decline after seeing its peak.

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