Instagram Tests Favorites Feature

Just like Twitter has done recently, social media giant Instagram is making radical changes to its platform. This time, the application comes with the ‘Favorites’ feature that will shape your flow.

Today, social media giants are trying to add new features to their platforms. to fundamental changes going. Despite offering the same stable experience for years, these platforms, which have managed to keep huge masses in their hands, have recently come up with quite remarkable features.

The first thing to think about twitter example is coming. So much so that Twitter, which has not offered anything different to its users for years, has both use new features presented and also talked about the features that will come to the application. Now, it is one of the social media giants that has made changes in its application. Instagram before us. According to the information Instagram, ‘Favorites‘ is testing the feature.

Don’t miss the posts you want to see:

In particular, you will be able to add the people you want to your favorites. After that, the posts of the people you added to your favorites, before others will appear in front of you. In this way, you will not miss the posts you want to see before.

In order to see the people you have added to your favorites, ‘Favorites‘ tab will be available. Since this list will be private, any outsider can access your favorite list. won’t be able to view. However, the accounts you have added to or removed from your favourites. notification will not be sent.

Instagram Favorites

Prior to this, Instagram was responsible for viewing posts. Facebook’s algorithm was using. In other words, this algorithm, which includes many factors such as how much the user interacts with a certain account or the general popularity of the shares, could cause some shares to be overlooked.


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Instagram also attracted attention with the development of ‘enforcing the date of birth’, which we encountered last week. We will learn over time in which direction the platform will evolve with the innovations to be brought to the applications. You can share your thoughts about the feature in the comments section.

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