Instagram Notes Will Now Appear in Profiles as well

Instagram announced that it will bring an important update to the Notes feature that allows you to share statuses. Notes will now be visible not only in DMs but also on profiles.

Trying to improve user experience, Instagram constantly brings new features. “ It was first introduced in December 2022 and remains active 24 hours a day, similar to stories.Notes” is one of them. The platform regularly updated this tool, which allows you to share instant status.

Now, another innovation has been announced for Notes. The feature was normally only visible from the section at the top of the DMs section. Now directly in profiles will appear.

Notes will look like this on profiles

The new update will undoubtedly make the Notes feature a much more important function of the platform. Users will now be able to communicate with other users from a brand new section. At the same time, status sharing Its visibility will also increase. Notes to be added to profiles are not yet publicly available. Instagram states that it will be widely available soon.

We can get an idea of ​​how Notes will appear on profiles from the screenshots shared by the company. Just as Just above the profile photo, as in DMs. We will be able to access the Notes shared by users.


You will be able to prevent your Instagram posts from appearing on Google

Let’s add that Meta introduced the reply feature to Notes a few months ago. In addition, the company is planning an innovation that will have a similar function to the “Add You Too” tool in stories, where you can share questions with your friends and answer them by sharing notes.

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