Information Received From Mercedes-Benz’s Tesla Rival Vehicles

According to rumors, Mercedes-Benz, which will launch electric cars on the crossover and sedan side, will also go through an important change.

the past day Maybach We talked about the night package that appeared on their side and looked pretty cool. Now it’s not the Maybach we know as luxury, Mercedes-Benz Here we are with a development. At the annual meeting with its dealers, the company Tesla It also named its rival models.

According to the news of CarBuzz, the company is on the electric vehicle side. to Tesla has identified two vehicles that will compete. Another strange thing about these tools, which will serve different purposes in the marketing phase, is that. to name change seems to be going.

One of the vehicles will be a Tesla Model Y rival.

According to the news of CarBuzz, the electric ones of the CLA and GLC models were in question at the meeting. By making these two models electric, the company primarily CLA It aims to attract new users with its sedan model. Electric GLC model directly in the crossover segment Model Y will be his rival.

If you noticed it’s here EQS or EQC We didn’t use names like According to the source, the name EQ was not used at the meeting either. This indicates that the company will return to the standard naming method.

The new electric CLA is slightly bigger than the petrol one


Besides, 400 miles (approx. 643-645 km) was also stated. GLC We can not say that the model has achieved the desired success. EQC compared with the model. 300 miles (approx. 480-482 kmThis vehicle, which is said to have a ) range, will have a range of 80 km higher than the EQC model – if the rumors are true.


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Finally, it was stated that it will be distributed to dealers in a balanced way from gasoline and electric vehicles. The two vehicles in question next year expected to be introduced.

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