Infinix Introduced its Color Changing Phone Concept

Infinix introduced a phone concept with a back cover that can change color with e-ink technology.

Infinix, from time to time with interesting and eye-catching concepts A company we come across. The company, which exhibited a concept with 160W fast charging in 2021, used electrochromic film in that concept. Thus, the back panel of the phone turned from gray to steel blue. Infinix has now changed this color change to a new one. much more colorful and effective in the prototype provides.

This technology, called E-Color Shift, appears to be a more advanced version of the previous idea. The most important change here is that the different panels on the back can be colored as desired. If this change E-Ink Prism 3 made possible by e-ink technology.

Continuous change will be possible

The most important point of the new e-ink is that it consumes almost no power. This highly efficient ink consumes energy only to change color and then remains in the selected colors. Moreover, thanks to this technology, colors it’s changing very quickly. So, those who want to have an alternative that they can use to show a kind of gif on the back of their phone or to express themselves.

In the prototype exhibited by Infinix There are only 4 squares However, it is still possible to see quite eye-catching changes. And squares aren’t the only shape e-ink can take. As technology develops, it is thought that 60 different areas can be colored on the devices. However, this color-changeable back panel is not a second screen and will not be used much that way. It can be evaluated for simpler designs.


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