Increase in Bitcoin Mining Revenues for the Fourth Month in a Row Parallel to Price

Bitcoin (BTC) mining revenues continued to rise for the fourth consecutive month, increasing more than 20% in line with the rally in price.

According to The Block data Bitcoin mining revenues in March 20% increasing in total 755.4 million reached dollars. Bitcoin miners only paid for the income they provided in March. 23.5 million dollar part of from transaction fees while getting the rest 6.25 BTCWon from block awards of .

According to the data, Bitcoin mining revenues, October 2021since drop while tending November 2022 seen in the $474 million local bottom after point was on the rise again. Bitcoin mining revenues, last 4 months in about to 60% increased recently.

Your increased incomes of miners on the balance sheet himself to show slightly, depending on the methods used. it will take time but still finding credit your possibilities will increase and struggling mining businesses can relax is being considered.

Coinecko according to data in a 30-day period 25.7% appreciated bitcoinend 24 hours in 0.8% rise living by writing 28,100 dollar from the level is being traded.

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