İBB introduced new taxi models!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has made nearly 15 attempts to meet the city’s taxi needs in the past few years. These projects were rejected at UKOME. However, the conversion of minibuses and minibuses, which have become idle with the increase in public transportation in the past months, into taxis has been approved. İBB also introduced new taxi models. Here are all the details…

İBB introduced new taxi models: When will they start work?

As we mentioned above, with the increase in public transportation vehicles such as metro, metrobus, tram and ferry over the years, there has been a decrease in the passenger capacity of some minibuses and minibuses. As a matter of fact, it was decided to convert 1803 minibuses and 322 minibuses into taxis.

After that, IMM implemented its project by using the transformation of these 2 thousand 125 minibuses and minibuses, without waiting for approval from UKOME to start the new taxi era. In this direction, it introduced high quality and technological taxi prototypes.

Taxi plate prices and rental income skyrocketed!

How much is the rental income with taxi license plate prices? Before the end of 2022, we have prepared a list by choosing the cities with the highest population.

It was shared that 200 to 300 of them will be on the road until the end of next February and that all of them will be actively working until the end of April. So what do these new generation taxis that will be of one type promise?

We see that the Mercedes Vito is used in the prototype model introduced. However, in the future, we can see that the equivalents of this vehicle are used. However, in general terms, vehicles similar to Volkswagen Transporter will be included.

IMM taxi

Because when we look at the described features, we see that it will offer a large interior volume for family travels, disabled use and a large number of suitcases. Of course, security measures such as cameras and panic buttons that can monitor 24/7 will be an advantage for both citizens and employees.

Here are the main features of the new taxis:

  • 8+1 person/ Carrying capacity enough for families to ride comfortably
  • Disabled access ramps
  • Push-to-talk system between driver and passenger (Since the driver’s cabin is closed, the sound will be transmitted with the microphone)
  • Application support
  • Payment via cash, card and app
  • Security cameras
  • panic button
  • Drivers will receive 15+ days of training at the IMM Transportation Academy

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