Hüseyin Yayman: “Digital Copyright Law is Coming”

Hüseyin Yayman, Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Digital Media Commission, announced that they are working on the “Digital Copyright Law”. According to Yayman, the government is in contact with Google and creators.

An important statement regarding the agenda came from Hüseyin Yayman, Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Digital Media Commission. “Digital Copyright LawStating that studies are being carried out on “”, Yayman also said that there is a collaboration between content creators and Google. being in contact told.

As our lives become digital, we need to protect the rights of the content we produce in the digital environment. obligation revealed. Government officials who are aware of this situation have held meetings with representatives of digital media in Turkey in the past. Now a new page will open regarding this and Concrete steps will be taken looks like.

The government will report the requests regarding this issue to Google!

Hüseyin Yayman, the copyright law implemented in Turkey it’s getting old and said it could no longer meet the needs. Moreover, underlining that there is a lot of demand for this, Yayman spoke as follows about the Digital Copyright Law:

We will bring Google together with these demands and we will be a point of compromise, we will act as a bridge. At this point, our commission is ready to do whatever it takes. I hope we will pass the ‘Copyright Law’ just as we passed the Disinformation Law and the Digital Media Law. Since we now live in a digital age, contents have become different, the concept of time has intervened and there is more production. We will evaluate all this data and, in line with the demands of our stakeholders, we will hopefully enact a ‘Digital Copyright Law’ that is suitable for today’s conditions and will respond to Turkey’s conditions.

In Turkey, the digital copyright issue needs to be addressed from the beginning and a new agreement needs to be made. A new contract, a new agreement, needs to be made between content producers and the channels that disseminate and use it. On the one hand, there is content produced with great effort and time. This could be news, a work of art, a work of culture; It could be something related to food or art. If there is effort or content on any subject, using that content without permission and disseminating it naturally means ignoring the labor of that content producer, that is, the worker. It is not possible to accept this. If civilization and human history have come to this point, this has been possible because the people who produce have received the value they deserve.

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Hüseyin Yayman, Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Digital Channels Commission, talked about their work with Google. about negotiations He also gave information. Yayman said that their first request from Google was for regulations covering Europe and Turkey. According to Yayman, what Google is doing regarding digital copyrights in European countries He should have done the same in Turkey. Hüseyin Yayman said that they will make the same request in the future.

When Google officials came to Turkey, we discussed and asked about the digital copyright issue. We said at the Commission meeting and in our subsequent meetings that European Union norms should also be implemented in Turkey. There could not be a different digital copyright law in France or Germany and a different digital copyright law in Turkey. We stated this as a double standard. Our thesis is this; We have stated and continue to state that whatever copyright law Google is subject to in Paris, Berlin, London or America, this law should also be valid in Turkey.

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