Huawei Collaboration for Volkswagen Autonomous Technologies

It was recently on the automotive agenda that Volkswagen will buy Huawei’s autonomous driving unit. In the leaked report, it is said that the German auto giant Volkswagen is on the way to buy the autonomous technologies of the technology company Huawei.

Autonomous cars are the first to become indispensable in the world. steps being thrown. Autonomous If we look for a short answer to the question of what is it; among the public, people who feel driverless, robot cars and surrounding objects, and people while driving, have little or no effect non- is technology.

With the development of technology, some automobile companies also keep up with the technology and offer their users. most good service trying to give. to technology A company trying to keep up is the German automotive giant. Volkswagen. automotive manufacturer VolkswagenOne of the first to come to mind when technology companies are mentioned. Huawei rolled up its sleeves to buy its autonomous technology.

Volkswagen may collaborate with Huawei for autonomous technologies

Huawei’s autonomous driving unit rich technology from your vein and its proprietary products extent beneficiaryis a rapidly growing company. According to sourcesthis deal billion Euro expected to be worth it. For now, although Huawei remains silent on this issue, as it is known, the company cannot run in the market due to the US sanctions decision.

This deal of Huawei likely to be in their favour. Volkswagen He did not make an official statement about the news. Huawei’s autonomous driving unit 2019 from the year Since then, the company has grown rapidly by taking advantage of its rich technology resource, despite rumors that it will not be able to develop its own autonomous vehicle.


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tech giant Huaweiaims to be a parts supplier for different automobile brands. But of Huawei also a purpose 2025 It will have all the systems for the self-driving car. As we mentioned, there is no sound from the two giant companies yet. We will continue to inform you if there is a statement on the subject.

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