How were Formula 1 Pit Stops Made in 1950?

Formula 1, which has been in our lives since 1950, has changed a lot over the years. Developing cars and pit stops depending on technological developments have made this motor sport much more impressive. So how was the pit stop done in 1950?

One of the most followed motor sports in the world Formula 1Its history dates back to ancient times. So much so that this motor sport first appeared in front of people in 1950 and managed to come to this day. Now to you, Formula 1’s in primitive times Let’s talk about what kind of structure it has.

Formula 1 has developed over the years both as a system and on a vehicle basis. big change showed. Today, a pit stop is often completed in under 2 seconds. But it wasn’t like that in the past. In the years when high-tech vehicles were not used like today, minutes were wasted for a pit stop. One of the world’s most popular internet meme archives 9GAGA video shared on the first season of Formula 1 in 1950. pit stop operations It shows how it’s done.

How were pit stops made in 1950?

Formula 1 cars are as good as they are now when they first started racing. advanced was not. Also, these vehicles were not as fast as they are today. This situation directly affected the pit stops of the vehicles. The process, which lasted for minutes, provided time for tire change with the help of hammers and for the pilots to meet their own needs in the process. In the video that you will watch shortly, you will see how the situation compares to now. it’s funny reveals.


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Still, to be frank, the change in Formula 1 we should not be surprised. Because the automotive sector has developed in a great way since the 1950s. This situation also affects the Formula 1 sport. directly affected. Technological tools and ultra-high speed values ​​have made this motorsport even more impressive.

Here’s the difference between a pit stop in 1950 and a pit stop in 2021

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