How to Test RAM? Ram Testing Methods

In both our desktop and laptop computers, RAM is one of the most important pieces of hardware and therefore its correct operation is extremely critical. But sometimes the RAM gets corrupted and doesn’t work properly. So how do we know that a problem is caused by RAM, that is, it is corrupted? Let’s take a closer look at how to detect broken RAM and see the simplest RAM testing methods.

RAM, which is the temporary storage unit in our computers, is one of the most important hardware necessary for the correct operation of the system. Speed ​​and power are important, but most importantly, it works correctly. Many users’ computers do not work properly due to bad RAM. However, this problem to make sure if it’s due to bad RAM RAM testing methods should be applied.

If you have experienced one or more of the problems caused by bad RAM before, you will know immediately when it repeats. However, if you have never encountered such a problem before and there is something wrong with your computer, it would be best to test the RAM. Bride how to detect bad RAM Let’s take a closer look and you can easily implement Testing the RAM Let’s see the methods.

For those who don’t know, what is RAM?

Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, is a kind of temporary data storage. When we shut down or restart the computer Data saved on RAM is deleted. The purpose of the RAM hardware is to enable the CPU, that is, the processor, to reach the data used frequently by the processor in the fastest way and to provide the highest performance of the computer. Therefore, it is extremely important that it works correctly.

How do you know if the problem with your computer is due to bad RAM?

  • Poor performance on your computer
  • Locking the screen involuntarily
  • Error warnings that data files are corrupt
  • Incorrect amount of RAM

Poor performance on your computer:

There are many different reasons why your computer’s performance may not be as it used to be, but The first piece of hardware you should suspect is RAM. There should be a suspicion of bad RAM, especially on computers that boot very slowly. Restart the computer, do not open any programs. If the startup slows down despite this, it means that the RAM is corrupt.

Locking the screen involuntarily:

If you don’t have a computer with very powerful hardware, some small It is normal to experience screen freezes and crashes. However, if this has become a routine now, you may suspect bad RAM. It is useful to perform a RAM test, especially if such problems occur in unexpected places, not in similar processes.

Error warnings that data files are corrupt:

When you want to run some files that you do not use often, you can get a corrupted warning, such a situation can be considered normal. However, even when you want to run data files that you use frequently, if you start getting an error warning for no reason, you have a bad RAM signal.

Incorrect amount of RAM:

You can see the amount of RAM you have on the system information page on your computer. Good, but it says my RAM power was not that much, so if you get an error Unfortunately, the RAM is quite corrupted and does not provide system integration.

Test before making a firm decision; Here are the simplest RAM testing methods:

  • Method #1: Testing RAM with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool
  • Method #2: Testing RAM with Passmark Memtest86 program

ram test, bad ram

Method #1: Testing RAM with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool:

  • Step #1: Open the Windows search bar.
  • Step #2: Type and search Windows Memory Diagnostics.
  • Step #3: Click on the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool from the search results to open it.
  • Step #4: Click on ‘Restart now and check for problems’, this is recommended.
  • Step #5: Click on ‘Check for problems the next time I start the computer’.
  • Step #6: Be sure to close all programs and open windows before running the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.
  • Step #7: Wait for the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to run and the computer to restart.
  • Step #8: Transaction results will come as notification.
    • If you cannot see the transaction results;
  • Step #9: Open the Windows search bar.
  • Step #10: Open this tool by typing Event Viewer.
  • Step #11: Expand the Windows Logs tab.
  • Step #12: Click on System.
  • Step #13: Find the source column.
  • Step #14: Click on the Memory-Diagnostics-Results heading.
  • Step #15: Click the General tab.
  • Step #16: Expand Details.
  • Step #17: Here are your RAM test results here.

To perform the RAM test method with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, simply follow the steps above. Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, It is available in Windows 7 and all later versions. According to the RAM test results in question, you can tell if your RAM is corrupted.

ram test, bad ram

Method #2: Testing RAM with Passmark Memtest86:

  • Step #1: Download Passmark Memtest86 from the link here.
  • Step #2: Extract the Passmark Memtest86 file to the desktop.
  • Step #3: Export the ISO file of the Passmark Memtest86 tool to a USB stick.
  • Step #4: Be sure to back up your important data before proceeding.
  • Step #5: Run the imageUSB file located on the USB stick.
  • Step #6: Click on Write.
  • Step #7: Confirm the action.
  • Step #8: Restart your computer.
  • Step #9: Open the boot menu.
  • Step #10: Load files in USB memory.
  • Step #11: Click the Configure button.
  • Step #12: Click (S)tart Test.
  • Step #13: The scan will start.
  • Step #14: The scan will be completed after a time that varies depending on the RAM capacity.
  • Step #15: You can review the RAM test results on the screen that appears.

To apply the RAM test method with the Passmark Memtest86 program, simply follow the steps above. If this is the first time you are going to test the RAM on such a program. You may be a little intimidated, but if you follow the steps we have explained calmly, you can complete the test without any problems.

Let’s say the RAM is broken, what should we do?

Unfortunately, if the RAM test results clearly show that your RAM is bad. often the only solution is to buy new RAM. If the hardware is still under warranty, you can go to the technical service of the manufacturer to find out if there is anything to be done. However, in most cases, when RAM, which is a very sensitive hardware, breaks down, replacing it with a new one is the only solution.

One of the most important hardware of our computer, How to test RAM, how to detect bad RAM We explained the methods you can apply for this test by answering frequently asked questions such as: If you have different applications that you use for RAM testing, you can share them in the comments.

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