How Many Foldable Phones Were Sold in 2023?

TrendForce shared how many foldable phones were sold in 2023. Although sales increased compared to the previous year, the number of people purchasing smartphones is still not high.

foldable phones It has now become a part of our lives. Many technology giants from around the world, from Samsung to Huawei, launch such phones every year. Of course, millions of people buy these phones.

market research firm TrendForcepublished a report on the sales of foldable phones. The report covering data for 2023, sales increased Even though it shows that these devices are still could not reach the desired popularity reveals.

15.9 million foldable phones were sold in 2023

According to TrendForce’s data, in 2023 15.9 million foldable smartphones sold done. This means sales by 2022 25% It means that it increases by . The market share of these phones is 1.4% reached the level.

Even though there is an increase in sales, the number of people still using these devices is not high. TrendForce also predicts that growth will decrease next year. By company The reasons why foldable phones are less preferred are concerns about durability and their high prices..


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17 million sales expected in 2024

According to TrendForce’s expectation, 17 million sales will be made this year. This means an increase of 11% and growth will decrease is showing. Let us note that the market share is expected to increase to 1.5%. Estimates are that it will rise to 2% in 2025.

Samsung is the clear leader in foldable phones

There is nothing surprising about the best-selling brands in the foldable segment. Coming out this year with Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 Samsung is the clear leader with 66.4% share in position. However, it should also be noted that the company is in decline. This number is reduced by 17% compared to 2022. It will decrease to 60% in 2024 Waiting.

The company behind Samsung Huawei with 11.9%. According to TrendForce predictions, the Chinese technology giant can take the offensive in 2024 and increase its share in foldable phones to 20%. Finally, Huawei in 2023 Xiaomi with 5.3% Let’s add that you follow. The remaining 16.4% consists of other brands.


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