How Long Will Ripple Wait for Its New ATH?

Crypto analyst EGRAG makes predictions based on historical data on Ripple (XRP)’s previous peaks. The analyst says it will take another five years for XRP to reach its all-time high.

XRP will lead the next financial revolution!”

Crypto analyst EGRAG revealed this in a recent analysis. Additionally, the analyst says that Ripple investors will need to be patient for a long time before witnessing a significant increase in the value of their XRP holdings. The analyst examines possible scenarios that XRP could face in the years before what some predict as the impending financial crisis.

A key premise in EGRAG’s analysis is the belief that the coming financial crisis will exceed the scale of the 2008 global economic turmoil. This important event played an important role in Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). However, in the current era of digital transformation, EGRAG highlights that Ripple (XRP) has emerged as the leading contender to claim the mantle of digital monetary supremacy. This belief stems from XRP’s distinctive features, such as its extraordinary speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. According to EGRAG, these characteristics position XRP as a significant force in transforming the financial landscape.

Ripple investors need to be patient

XRP’s potential to revolutionize the financial industry is undeniable. However, EGRAG’s analysis shows that the path to achieving this transformation may require more time than initially anticipated. This explanation stems from a very important observation. The analyst compares XRP’s price fluctuations with the previous cycle. As a result, this period appears to adhere to a pattern corresponding to 3.16 times the previous cycle.

XRP Weekly Chart. Source: EGRAG

For context, EGRAG compares historical Ripple (XRP) tops and the ranges separating them. The analyst says the 2013 peak is in line with the 2018 peak. He also emphasizes that the 2014 peak corresponds to the 2021 peak. Applying this factor of 3.16 to the ongoing cycle, the analyst concludes that the current cycle covers 2,632 days from the 2014 peak. He reaches this conclusion by multiplying 3.16 by the 833 days between the 2014 peak and the end of this cycle.

In practical terms, Ripple enthusiasts and investors need to wait longer before a new ATH. The analyst’s projection shows that the XRP market will experience a prolonged consolidation phase before starting the expected rally. However, the analyst does not give specific price targets for this rally. Meanwhile, XRP is trading at $0.5091, down 0.83% in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the analyst predicts that XRP will rise to $1.4 in the short term.

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