How HONOR Evolved from Sub-brand to Technology Company

How did HONOR, which left Huawei and turned into an independent technology company in 2020, transformed from a sub-brand into a world-class technology company in these ‘independent’ 2 years? Here are the activities of HONOR that make you say “Good thing it’s independent”…

HONOR, which was established as a technology company affiliated to Huawei in 2013 and turned into an independent brand by breaking its ties in 2020, is nowadays. second year of being an independent company celebrating.

Of course, a company’s partnerships or parent-subsidiaries do not directly affect consumers. In this content, we discuss what HONOR has accomplished in its 2 years as an independent technology company. Although most of you may not have noticed, HONOR has undergone a serious identity change in these 2 years and has moved away from being a brand that ‘offers technological products to young people’.

HONOR is no longer just for young people

More affordable and for young people HONOR, which appeared before us with products, started to appeal to customers of all ages after 2020. HONOR, which has increased the number of customers with the products it has designed, more than 30 thousand reached the experience store. Thus, more than 180 million The best possible service was provided to the customer.

R&D studies have been increased!

R&D was thought to be the subject of HONOR’s greatest challenge as an independent technology company. However, taking a determined stance at this point, HONOR has established 6 R&D centers around the world. Thus, new technologies and premium products could be developed and introduced to consumers. Employees at HONOR today 60 percent A significant number of them, such as R&D, do business in R&D projects. In other words, 6 out of 10 HONOR employees spend their time developing new technologies and products.

Collected 35 awards at IFA!


HONOR, which participated in IFA, one of the largest events in the world in the consumer electronics sector, for the first time in 2022, will be participating in these events. 35 awards won. 21 of these awards came to Turkey in the past months. HONOR 70went to If HONOR Pad 8 The best of IFA was awarded the prize.

He showed up in social responsibility projects!

In this process, HONOR has also accomplished remarkable works in social responsibility projects. For example, in 2021, product packaging was specially optimized and carbon emission, 285 tons were reduced. With this; 1,733 tons of electronic waste was also disposed of by the company. In addition, more durable smartphones were produced, thus extending the phone replacement cycle. Today, a consumer who buys a HONOR phone will use this device on average. for 26.4 months using it with no problems…


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