How Does the National Lottery Administration Ban Kick and Twitch?

The General Directorate of National Lottery Administration recently imposed successive access bans on two popular broadcast platforms, Kick and Twitch. So how can the National Lottery Administration do this?

The reason for the recent bans on Kick and Twitch General Directorate of National Lottery Administration was the decision he made.

Following these decisions, many people “Isn’t the National Lottery privatized? How can they impose a ban? He started discussing the topic. So, on what basis were these decisions made?

National Lottery, National Lottery Administration and Şişal Şans are not the same thing.

First of all, these three things to distinguish from each other It is necessary. Lottery While the name of the game National Lottery Administration is the organization that oversees the organization of these games. Since there was only one lottery in the past, the name was given as National Lottery Administration.

At that time, there were either the National Lottery or the lottery draws of football teams and newspapers, and the system was quite simple. In the past years Türkiye Wealth Fundas a company that will organize lottery games Şişal Chance signed an agreement with. So, there is now a public institution, an organizer company and the games that organize games of chance in Turkey.

Prohibition decisions come from public institutions

National lottery administration general directorate

Of course, the organization does not make this decision on its own. I mean, people also sell cheese on Instagram, but they don’t “Access to Instagram Chamber of Grocery Stores and Dealers By decision It has been blocked.” We do not see such a statement. Because there are no restrictions on this issue as long as you meet certain conditions. Gambling games are restricted by various laws. One of these laws is Law No. 5651.

With this law General Directorate of National Lottery AdministrationIt becomes the regulator of the main laws on games of chance and betting games. Any platform that has not received approval from the institution cannot offer games of chance and bets. This includes game systems outside Türkiye. For example, you cannot bet on a betting platform that is legal in another country.

In order for the regulations to be processed quickly, a closure decision can also be taken without going to court.


General Directorate of National Lottery Administration, Because it is an organ of the state They do not need a court decision to exercise their rights determined by law. When a site called Vıttırıkbet is opened, the institution can close this site by making a decision of its own will. Considering that a site called Vıttırıkbet2 was opened in a very short time when Vıttırıkbet was closed, the institution’s wasting time is prevented.

With Law No. 5651, closure can be implemented for many different reasons. Some of these decisions do not require a judicial court decision, while some do not require an administrative court decision. Technically will of the institutionis enough to activate the access block.

But why were Kick and Twitch banned?

visible confusion

Both platforms open to various abuses And one of the areas where these abuses are most common is, of course, gambling games. Moreover, when the Kick platform was coming to our country, the platform had a separate category called Casino. This is an issue that falls within the responsibility of the National Lottery Administration. That’s why the institution own savings can use it.

This situation is actually no different from the banning of an inappropriate drug by the relevant unit of the Ministry of Health, but people are confused due to the similarity in the names of the institution-company-game of chance. When it comes to popular platforms, this situation attracts more attention. Otherwise, the institution only imposed an access ban in 2023. There are millions of addresses.


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