How Does Autopilot Take the Plane to the Desired Route?

Autopilot makes the flight safer, more efficient and comfortable; We explain how he can manage a huge plane so well and take it from one place to another!

Flight without the need for pilot intervention autopilot, which allows you to take it on the specified route and altitude, It paves the way for air travel to be much more efficient.

So how does a system come to be? the huge plane to the desired route flawlessly. can you take it?

Autopilot systems are equipped with many technologies.

To accurately determine the position of the aircraft navigation systems (GPS) is used and thus location determination can be made with signals received via satellites. In addition, when the GPS signal decreases or disappears, the direction and speed of the aircraft are calculated with the accelerometer.

In addition to navigation systems air speed, climb and altitude thanks to devices called pitot tubes and static ports. Data such as this can be accessed.

The autopilot computer processes the information it receives from all these sensors, calculates the aircraft’s route, and makes corrections where corrections are necessary. Meanwhile, devices called actuators; by moving the aircraft’s rudders, ailerons, and other control parts It puts the computer’s commands into action.

How does an airplane using an autopilot operate?

Pilots often do not use the autopilot during takeoff. They are activated only after reaching a certain speed and altitude. Autopilot operates the flight using the data we just mentioned and prevents any disruptions that may occur in case of adverse weather conditions. constantly follows up.

When it comes to landing, it is used with automatic landing systems. center the track A safe landing can be achieved by keeping the correct altitude, but pilots mostly make the landing manually, as in the take-off.

So, is autopilot risky?


Autopilot systems are actually designed to make flight safer. But of course, hardware, software, GPS, sensors etc. technological errors may occur. However, there is no need to worry at this point because the pilot can take action immediately if an adverse situation occurs.

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