How Children’s Sense of Humor Developed Revealed

A group of psychologists surveyed parents to understand how children’s sense of humor develops. The emergence of humor in children was examined, with questions about specific types of humor and how children of different ages responded to them.

Individuals at a young age in society are more aware of what is happening around them. not aware of Although there has been a perception such as that you were destroyed We see. Now, in forming the personality of people, from a very young age, they influence their environment. of the observation It is known to be effective.

Although humor is an extremely important universal way to cope with stress, make friends, learn, and be creative, how can it affect individuals? it emerged Unknown. A group of scientists in America found that children’s sense of humor how it developed with parents to understand survey work organized.

Children learn humor by imitating

Survey study conducted with the participation of approximately 700 parents from the USA, UK and Australia; effective in child development modeling theory is also extremely important in the development of humor ability. that it is effective showed. According to the survey, people begin to imitate and produce humor in the first years of their lives.

In the Early Humor Questionnaire, which includes 20 questions, parents were first asked whether children laughed at the age range of 0-4, verbal or physical humor. whether to imitate asked. Next “Making fun of others, saying absurd things like cats have five legs, mixing concepts/bullshit” by giving examples of certain types of humor, such as “Has your child ever seen someone make jokes like this?” such questions were asked.


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Children meet humor before the age of one


More than 75% of the participants just two months old He said he started laughing. Nearly all parents want their children to be one year old. to laugh He said he started. Behavioral Research Methods The study, published in the journal Cell, found that the development of humor is important regardless of the nationality of the child or the education level of the parent. age related reported to be a clear consistent model. The authors who conducted the study, children’s humor primarily that you imitate and then their started to produce told.

According to the results of the survey;

  • one year old children more than 50%misusing objects, chasing, teasing, or inventing strange words to make a joke starting.
  • By the age of two almost all children more like splashing water, pushing people aggressive jokes starts to do.
  • Three-year-olds begin to make up their own jokes by imitating the sounds animals make or by knowingly misnaming objects.

Researchers, survey results; suggesting that humor evolves with our motor, social, and language skills. other works stated its support. Although the study does not provide a clear timeline for the emergence of humor, lots from an early age demonstrated that from the outset.


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