Hot Development: Binance Announces Support for This Token Airdrop, Here are the Eligibility Criteria!

Binance, ronin (RON) announced support for the Pixels (PIXEL) airdrop dedicated to Locked Products users. This move is considered an important milestone for Ronin stakers in the Binance ecosystem.

Airdrop season continues to excite the community, with the latest being the Pixels airdrop.

Eligibility Criteria for Pixels Token Airdrop on Binance

According to the announcement, the airdrop will recognize various levels of participation among Ronin Locked Products subscribers. Accordingly, rewards will start at 183.34 PIXEL at the lowest level and reach up to 3,955.11 PIXEL for subscribers at the highest level.

“Eligible Ronin Locked Products users will receive PIXEL tokens in their Spot wallets based on their total Ronin Locked Products subscription amount at 2024-02-08 23:59 (UTC) snapshot time,” Binance explained.

However, it should be emphasized that the participation criteria for this program are strict. Additionally, it is important to note that a verified account and an active Ronin Locked Products position are required. Additionally, it should be noted that US citizens, organizations, and sanctioned countries are strategically excluded from this program. This shows that attention is paid to compliance with legislation and fair distribution.

Last month, Pixels announced its goal of distributing 20 million PIXEL tokens to the Ronin network’s loyal community. This decision is an important step aimed at rewarding the continued support of RON token holders. Pixels offers a fair reward system by dividing stakeholders into four different categories. This enables a reward distribution of potentially up to 3,955 PIXELs per eligible wallet.

Moreover, Binance‘s recent support for the Dymension (DYM) token airdrop highlights a strategic move to expand trading opportunities for its users. The inclusion of DYM spot trading pairs adds a new dimension to investment opportunities.

However, the effectiveness of airdrops to encourage long-term participation is still a controversial issue within the crypto community. These types of events provide an accessible entry point for new participants. On the other hand, it may be difficult to keep these participants beyond the initial incentive.

Recent observations highlight the temporary nature of engagement following airdrops such as the Starknet token event, casting some doubt on the effectiveness of this strategy in fostering a truly engaged user base.

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