Honor celebrates 2 years of being an independent company!

Founded in 2013, Honor celebrates its 2nd year as an independent company. Continuing on its way as an independent company since November 17, 2020, the company accelerated its R&D investments in this short period and achieved many successes with its initiative-oriented studies.

60 percent of Honor employees are in the R&D department

Focusing on products for the needs of users all over the world in smart phone and ecosystem products, HONOR continues to intensively develop new products and technologies that break new grounds in the sector. Offering high quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables for every budget, HONOR’s innovative, premium and reliable product line gives people the freedom to achieve and do more.

The company, which is open, innovative and in pursuit of excellence, attaches great importance to R&D studies accordingly. HONOR, where 60 percent of the total number of employees worldwide work for R&D, has six R&D centers, one in France and one in Japan, and more than 100 innovation laboratories.

Honor Magic Vs, which will take place in the global market, has been introduced!  Here are the features and price

Honor Magic Vs, which will take place in the global market, has been introduced! Here are the features and price

Honor, the rising name of the smartphone world, introduced its foldable device called Magic Vs. Here are all the details about the model…

Opened in September last year and operating for over a year, the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park enables a faster path between R&D and production, unleashing the company’s manufacturing excellence and turning the latest innovations into high-quality products for users around the world.

More than 30 thousand experience shops

HONOR, which has more than 30 thousand experience stores, also serves 180 million active users around the world with more than 3,000 service centers and nine regional call centers. Operating in more than a hundred countries, the company also continues to grow with channel partners and more than two hundred carriers.

The company, which had a solid place in the market with its products for young people, has now become a global and iconic technology brand for everyone. The company, which continues to grow and develop, continues to develop its product range specially designed for users and its internal operations.

Worldwide awards

Having restructured in 2020, the company appeared on the IFA congress stage for the first time this year after becoming an independent company and returned from this important fair with 35 awards. The HONOR 70 model, which was recently launched in the Turkish market, won 21 awards in various categories.

Many global leading technology media rated HONOR 70 as the “Best of IFA”, while HONOR Pad 8 was awarded the “Best of IFA” by Billboard, the world-renowned music and entertainment magazine.

HONOR 70 has also been awarded the “EISA BEST BUY SMARTPHONE 2022-2023” award by the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), which focuses on user experiences*.

The company’s HONOR 50 series, which made a great impression and reached high sales figures in our country, was launched in many countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and other regions as of October 26 and showed how powerful HONOR phones can be in the global market. After its launch, the HONOR 50 series topped the Powerful Vlogging Experiencence price bracket in many countries and won the best all-round phone of the year award in many global technology media such as Tech Advisor, Trusted Review.

Products such as the HONOR Magic V, which were released only in China and brought a new breath to the foldable phone market, were an important indicator of the value and investment in innovation. HONOR aims to launch its new models and its flagship foldable smartphone in global markets in the coming period.

Corporate social responsibility campaigns

HONOR established the ESG committee in 2021, which is responsible for formulating and effectively implementing study targets. The company also focuses on seven different areas with its Corporate Social Responsibility activities: Environment, Technology for Good, Privacy, Encouraging Youth, Supplier Corporate Social Responsibilities, Employee Education and Responsible Management.

HONOR, which officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as a corporate participant to help achieve the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also rapidly continues its activities in the following titles.

  • Green Packing: In 2021, approximately 285 tons of CO2 emissions were reduced by optimizing the product packaging.
  • Durable Products: The longer the product is used, the less resources are consumed. In China, the Honor phone replacement cycle takes longer than the average replacement time, averaging up to 26.4 months.
  • Responsible E-Waste Management: As of 2021, we collected and disposed of approximately 1,733 tons of electronic waste through our own channels.
  • Safe Chemicals: Establishing higher corporate standards on the basis of meeting the requirements of international standards. Since 2016, approximately 3,379 tons of hazardous materials have been eliminated in HONOR products.

Jeffrey Sunjingfei, who took the position of HONOR Turkey Country Manager last month, said, “We have left behind two very busy years for us. As an independent, global brand, we came before consumers with new models that demonstrate our strength in R&D and production. We touched the lives of consumers with models such as the world’s thinnest folding smartphone HONOR Magic V, the innovative Sony IMX800 sensor phone HONOR 70 designed for vlogging enthusiasts, as well as many new products such as HONOR MagicBook 14 on the laptop side and HONOR Watch GS 3 on the smart watch. As HONOR, we will continue to design products that will make life easier for users and to make great contributions to the sector in order to provide a better future for everyone since the first day of our establishment.”

*EISA is an expert community of more than 60 of the world’s most respected consumer electronics magazines, websites and social media commentators from 29 countries.

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