Hasan Köksay, YouTuber Who Makes Street Interviews, Arrested

Hasan Köksoy, the reporter of the channel named Self Muhabir, which makes street interviews about the agenda on YouTube, and a person who gave an interview were arrested.

The busy agenda in our country causes us to wonder about the pulse on the street. One of the most consumed content on this subject is undoubtedly street interviews. These interviews also cause various discussions from time to time. Even finally, a decision was taken on this issue and there were news that a ‘press card’ would be asked.

There has been an important development in this regard today. Hasan Köksoy, who published his street interviews in Antalya on the Youtube channel named Self-Reporter, of an interview published was then arrested. Hasan Köksoy and his lawyer Ömer Furkan Dağ, from their Twitter accounts arrest warrant made a statement about it.

Hasan Köksoy and a citizen were arrested

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