Halving Warning from Anti-Bitcoin Investor Peter Schiff: It Will Fall in Half!

Famous economist Peter Schiff, nicknamed “Gold Bug”, warned in his statement after the Bitcoin halving.

Peter Schiff social media dated April 20 in your postangered investors with his statement after the Bitcoin halving.

While targeting Bitcoin investors in his statement on the subject, the economist said, “Are you celebrating tonight by partying?” he asked the question. He made an implied warning, stating that the Bitcoin halving would soon cause investors’ net assets to halve:

Congratulations to Bitcoiners on the halving. Are you celebrating tonight by throwing parties? I wasn’t invited to any of them. I think halving is an apt name for what is happening as Bitcoin investors will soon experience their net worth halving.

The economist, who often draws attention with his anti-Bitcoin statements, recently suggested possible sales from institutional investors and Bitcoin price He stated that a collapse could begin.

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