GTA 6 Trailer Adapted to Real Life [Video]

A YouTuber named Andrew Levitt adapted the GTA 6 trailer to real life. The video, where many details are the same as the trailer, is truly astonishing.

The most awaited game in the gaming world GTA 6, was officially announced with a trailer released in December. The trailer managed to break records in a short time. So much so that it managed to become the most watched video other than music videos on YouTube in 24 hours.

The impact created by the trailer was not limited to these. We’ve seen it rebuilt in many different ways over the last few months. We even saw that the Hyundai rally team adapted the trailer for itself. Today, a new one was added to these. The video, created by YouTuber Andrew Levitt, is astonishing as it brings the trailer directly to real life.

Here is the video adapting the GTA 6 trailer to real life:

When we look at the video, we can see that it is really good. Levitt and his friends go to Miami, the city where Vice City was inspired, and discover the locations in the trailer. record their true state They took it. They even managed to make the cover photo look similar.

Apart from this, we knew that the GTA 6 trailer was adapted from videos that went viral in real life. Levitt also included the originals of these images in his video. Alligator seen in Florida, man known as the “Florida Joker” and dancing women are the best examples of these.


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Andrew Levitt’s video adapting the GTA 6 trailer to real life was published on April 10. At the time of writing this news, it was watched by 81 thousand people and received very positive comments from users. A user commented in the comments about GTA 6 still not being released:We saw its adaptation to real life before GTA 6 came out.We even come across a funny comment like: We can predict that the video will become more popular over time.


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