Green fight for traffic light minister: Is Özdemir Hofreiter booting?

Anton Hofreiter, Cem Özdemir

According to reports, there is a dispute between the left wing and Realos about the future roles of the two Green politicians.

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Berlin The decision of the Greens on filling ministerial posts and other top positions in the desired government with the SPD and FDP is still open. The announcement of the personnel board expected for Thursday afternoon has surprisingly been delayed.

“I know that you are all waiting for us to announce a personnel table,” said the political federal manager of the Greens, Michael Kellner, on Thursday in Berlin. The ballot, which was actually planned for Thursday, should only begin on Friday.

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“It is the case that, as in the coalition negotiations, we are thoroughly deliberating that the deliberation time is still going on and that we will decide about it in the course of today,” said Kellner. This should happen after 5:30 p.m. when the board and the party council wanted to meet again. “When we have a result, we will inform you about it.”

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According to reports, there is a dispute between the left wing and Realos. The left wing is resisting the planned occupation of a ministerial office with the realo Cem Özdemir, which could ultimately cost the left parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter the hoped-for ministerial office.

The Greens actually wanted to give the go-ahead for the ballot of their 125,000 members on the coalition agreement and the personnel table with a so-called federal-state forum. This was originally supposed to start on Thursday at 4 p.m., but was slightly delayed.

According to the Greens, the strike vote should take ten days. In addition to digital voting, voting by letter should also be possible. A simple majority is necessary for the adoption of the coalition agreement and approval of the personnel board. There is no quorum.

Around 80 Greens take part in the Bund-Länder-Forum, some digitally, some on site. They come from the top of the party and parliamentary group, the federal states, the European Parliament and the Green Youth. The negotiating team from the coalition talks should also be there.

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