Google Will Start Highlighting Forum Sites

Google has made some changes to the results pages of its Search service. The changes made will benefit both website owners and end users.

US-based technology giant Google has introduced new features that will be useful for website owners. Google Search The new features created for the service will significantly improve the display rankings of results for searches. Users, SEO rather than content They will start to see qualitatively better results at the top.

Google’s new system will not only provide advantages to individual websites. Forum sites and social media platforms are also higher in search results. will be displayed at the top. In this way, users will start to see posts made by real users, instead of content that managed to rank high only due to SEO optimization. The new system allows users to ‘more accurate information It looks like it will get there.

Profile cards are coming for creators

The only work Google has done has not been about search results. The company launches a new platform for creators profile card feature also made available. The sites on which content creators share take advantage of this feature to provide content creators with information such as username, profile photo, number of followers or popularity of their content. card to occur they will be able to provide. The user making a Google Search query will see the profile card here.


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Profile cards can also be used for some sites

Google Search

Google already has platforms built mostly on question and answer, such as Reddit and Quora. highlights. Now, similar but relatively small sites will also be highlighted by Google. With discussion forums question and answer siteswill now be displayed in a structure similar to the profile card.

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