Google Translate gets new interface

Adopting new design language with Android 12 Google, continues to change the designs of its applications. After company, clock and calculator apps Google Translate also applied to the application.

Continuing its preparations to introduce the new Android version to users, Google continues to transfer the design approach it has adopted with Android 12 to its applications.

Google finally goes black on desktop!

Google, which we all visit every day, can now host you with dark mode support. Here are the other details of the feature.

Google Translate will have a new design

Firstly XDA-Developers The design, discovered by, continues to change. The images shared by the 9to5Google team today give clues about the company’s new UI (user interface) understanding.

The new design of the Google Translate app has been leaked.

Other Android 12 Google Translate, which changes color according to the wallpaper you use, as in its designs, has become quite successful in one-handed usability.

Moving the buttons to the bottom for easy access by users, Google will use the dynamic theme feature in all parts of the application.

Some features of the app, such as the phrasebook, have not been adapted to the new new design. Continuing to work on the theme, Google has yet to introduce its new design. make it downloadable he didn’t.

Considering that Android 12 has entered the Beta 5 process, it seems likely that the new design will be available for download soon.